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Success Story of Daw Thandar Aye

Daw Than Than Oo’s Grocery Store


Meet with Daw Thandar Aye, who is doing grocery business as an   in-house   business   up   to  commercial now. She resides at No.1162, Myo Gyi Road, 19 Ward, Taungoo City in Bago Division. Daw Thandar Aye has been with LOLC since 2018 June and she had received the first individual loan of 3,000,000 MMK. At the time, Daw Thandar Aye sold only daily groceries items as an in-house and after receiving  the  first  individual  loan  she  invested  all  money  in  her store as working capitalto expand her businesses. In 2019, Daw Thandar Aye again received 2nd individual loan of 4,500,000 MMK to expand her grocery store and add cosmetic items. 

After getting 2nd loan, Daw Thandar Aye's family business is being well to improve up to commercial in their quarter and she is getting became a full groceries grocer. fter    knowing   the  business   opportunity,  Daw  Thandar  Aye   discussed  getting  3rd  cycle loan to purchase a vehicle to use in her  business.In  late  2020, Daw  Thandar Aye  again  received 4,500,000  MMK  as  3rd cycle and purchased one commercial vehicle. Same time, her  husband also start doing as a merchant for paddy and beans in their region. In 2021, Daw Thandar Aye requested a 4th cycle loan to get working capital and business expansion. In 2021 October, Daw Thandar Ayereceived 6,500,000 MMK as a 4th cycle individual loan to do more business expand to her family businesses. 



erstwhile even if we know the business opportunity or potential we cannot doing much. Because of this, we do not have enough working capital, and the interest rate is also very high in place. After joining LOLC for the first time also we can expand our family business with a low-interest rate. And after 4 years passed we had some wealth due to LOLC’s financial support of our business. The LOLC Myanmar is one of the good MFI in Myanmar and their services also satisfied me and my family.



Now, Daw Thandar Aye and her family's owned one commercial grocery store, and her husband also can be doing as a paddy and beans agent without any financial concerns


LOLC Myanmar is a member of Sri Lanka’s LOLC Group of companies which was established in year 2013 as a green field currently operates in Yangon, Bago Magway , Mandalay, Sagaing regions and Mon state and the Shan state serving approximately 265694 clients, over 90% of whom are women. LOLC Myanmar is a deposit taking microfinance institution run by women (representing 75% of the staff) for women.