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Saving money is not about being able to buy bigger and better things. It is about being prepared to take care of your family and allowing you to enjoy greater security in your future life.

LOLC also offers two kinds of saving: voluntary and compulsory saving for those who want to save with us by securing their minds.

Voluntary Saving

Compulsory Saving

Annual interest rate of 15% (Based on monthly minimum balance)


LOLC Myanmar is a member of Sri Lanka’s LOLC Group of companies which was established in year 2013 as a green field currently operates in Yangon, Bago Magway , Mandalay, Sagaing regions and Mon state and the Shan state serving approximately 265694 clients, over 90% of whom are women. LOLC Myanmar is a deposit taking microfinance institution run by women (representing 75% of the staff) for women.