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Success Story of Daw Khin Htwe

Daw Khin Htwe’s Pig Livestock

Daw Khin Htwe lives in Kapyo Village which is situated in Nat Mauk Township, Magway Division and she is doing pig breeding as an in-house business to support their family income.

Daw Khin Htwe, before joining LOLC, was only one pig due to capital investment as an in-house business. According to her native village business, Daw Khin Htwe knows if she pushes to do in pig breeding business her family business will be smoothly good. So, Daw Khin Htwe decided to do more breeding and she is start finding capital investment options. In 2020 August, Daw Khin Htwe started joining LOLC Myanmar as a Group Loan Client for her capital working investment and she has invested all money in her pig breeding business. After that, her family's in-house revenue also increases.


Now, I do not have any financial concern to do as a business investment after joining with LOLC Myanmar and LOLC Myanmar also supporting all necessary financial investment to my business. After I received this type of financial support from LOLC Myanmar I was reduced some unnecessary expenses and I am confident to do my business more and more. I would like to say to LOLC Myanmar, I am thank you very much to LOLC Myanmar for this type of financial support to my family business and I always wish LOLC Myanmar continuous success in Myanmar.


After finishing the 1st cycle installment, Daw Khin Htwe knows the business opportunity that she was discussed with respective LOLC employees to continue to the next loan cycle as 2nd cycle loan for more capital working investment. In late 2021, October Daw Khin Htwe took as Group Loan 2nd cycle to do more her breeding business investment and now she is (30) pcs of pigs breeding became as one of the commercial breeders in her village.



LOLC Myanmar is a member of Sri Lanka’s LOLC Group of companies which was established in year 2013 as a green field currently operates in Yangon, Bago Magway , Mandalay, Sagaing regions and Mon state and the Shan state serving approximately 265694 clients, over 90% of whom are women. LOLC Myanmar is a deposit taking microfinance institution run by women (representing 75% of the staff) for women.